Why does Roon requires internet if all my files are local

I was closed to subscribe after my free trial period. However I just discovered that I must be connected to the internet in order to run the software. I was on the plane and wanted to listen my music from Roon (launching a custom playlist that I built from my library…but it refused to open until I connect to the internet). This is so disappointing. All my music is local (more 5k albums) and I really love how Roon made me navigate to my own library, better than any other streaming plateform…but the fact that I was not able to listen to my own music playlist offline (on the plane) is definitely a BIG disadvantage of the software. I am not sure to subscribe anymore…unless the support will explain how to bypass this or will this be plan for a next release?

Just to be clear: I got the point that Roon needs internet to do things like authorization and authentication, gathering data on my local files in order to create connections (even if for this one I am doubting) or display very cool things about music authors…
However, all this should not avoid an offline usage…at least for a small period of time. By doing caching or whatever. I am really disappointed. I thought I found THE BEST software for navigating through my music…but this is point is to me a killer


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