Why hard-code server-name Rock?

Hi @support,

I have two Roon Rock cores installed on two separate Nucs, and it’s really complicated trying to identify which one is wich outside of Roon. Within Roon, you can rename the core to something unique, but when browsing for the file share, you can’t really se which one is which unless you mount using IP-adress. Is there a workaround or ar you planning/considering providing some configurability to the server name?


You can change the name in settings under setup area

Edit… ah I see the issue now…for the SMB share yes…question why do you need 2 cores on the same network?

They are on two separate physical LANs connected to each other through VPN so that it is one logical network. I tried only having one core at first, but it didn’t work very well streaming to the remote location, so I decided to go for two instead. I want to be able to access both from either location to be able to synchronize/mirror my music storage (using rsync scripts).

I’m guessing it’s not a situation that 99.9% of users would find themselves in and as such is probably not going to be something that is likely to be addressed anytime soon. But you never know.

we decided its better to have the 99.99999% use case of 1 ROCK on a network to be able to type \ROCK\Data than to add a funny serial number to the hostname


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Thanks for the reply! I fully understand the reasoning behind this and it makes sense.

It also sounds great that my use-case is one out of 20 000 000 Rock installations out there. That will secure great profitability for Roon and long term commitment :wink:

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Hello Danny, many people use 2 NUC’s, me too. One as Core and one as Output because the NUC is a very good bridge. I connected my USB DAC and use HDMI for multichannel.
It would be great if you would install a feature with which you can define the function of ROCK. Only Core, only Output or both, as for 99.99998% :wink: Best regards Michael.