Why is Roon broken so much since 1.6

Hi @Vincent_Kennedy

Although this thread is moving on quickly, I wanted to acknowledge your reply and will try some of your searches today. I spend my entire working life in this sort of area, either for our company where I try to influence the devs, or with outside suppliers. I guess the main difference from Roon is that we pay a lot more for the latter :slight_smile: but it comes down the same thing. Is the customer experience all we would wish? As others are saying, it is useful to try to provide accurate data.

Roon has been splitting out performance related posts into individual threads and mention they are going to do that again with the posts in this thread. There are probably several reasons why some are reporting persistent issues whilst others have less or intermittent or none. Several of the posters here may not be aware of all these individual threads. I assume roon are looking for patterns and believe there will be different solutions for different cases.

One pattern might be a Qobuz subscription opened in one territory but being used in another. @Vincent_Kennedy has mentioned he opened his Qobuz subscription in the UK but is now in the US.

I have what sounds like identical symptoms. I travel regularly between Denmark and Ireland. I opened my Qobuz subscription in Ireland where I have no performance problems with from memory at least 3 ISP’s. In Denmark however I have very poor performance both on search, metadata updates, album identification and the start of music playback. In both Ireland and Denmark I am using an identical laptop based wifi roon configuration. I don’t have any interest in high rez or DSP in either location.

Is anyone else experiencing something similar?

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I too was going to point out that users who have no Tidal or Qobuz accounts should not have searches going through cloud services.

Here it takes from 1 second to 5 (worst case). I want it to go fast always of course, but let’s leave the good people at Roon (and Mike) time to optimize what they can - and potentially assist Tidal and Qobuz optimize their stuff. With local content, Tidal and Qobuz - you are in fact doing 3 searches; you need to aggregate the result and present it as well.

I however think it is important for people to report what they think is slow - that is the only way to improve. But as stated; I think current performance is fine.

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As a counterpoint, I’ve turned off all streaming services and don’t have any search lags across a huge local library, pointing to Roon’s cloud servers for those that stream.

That’s a possible cause, but based on the action you have taken the only reasonable conclusion to make is that it is network related.

Yep same here, turn off streaming no issues. I have no.connection issues to Tidal or Qobuz via other means only via Roon.

What if you only turn one service off?

It sounds like several things are new here. Version 1.6, cloud services, and Qobuz. And I suppose the size of the search base if you add up Qobuz and Tidal…

I thought I was having problems too, when the transition to these combinations took place (I have Tidal and Qobuz), but things seem mostly okay now. Just the occasional hang.

It’s better without Qobuz but still gets some issues.

I have the same problems but never replied here and also appeard after the last big update. Never had problems at all and I’m using Roon from day one. Hope there’s gonna be a fix very soon.

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1.6 was working great for me from day 1. (I do not stream)
But in the last few weeks roon has slowed down, randomly quits and is very sluggish.

No changes in my set-up…

I hope something changes soon.

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I started experiencing very slow searches with 1.6. While I have a Qobuz account, I only use it for purchases/downloads, and not streaming. So I turned it off in Roon and my search speed is back.

However, when Roon gets more deeply integrated with Qobuz (ie: when I can initiate buying a suggested track/album from within Roon), I’d want Qobuz integration back on…

(I am in Ireland with a Qobuz account opened from Ireland. My internet link is via radio. At the moment I’m getting 40M/s download speed; 4M/s upload. Roon core is on its own box, running ArchLinux on a 7thG i5 w/ 1TB SSD.)

Not sure how you get there. Still streaming across local network, only nothing coming in via Internet and hence no lags caused by Roon’s cloud servers.

You’ve eliminated the entire Internet and everything works now, so the logical conclusion is that Roon is responsible for every connection between their servers and yours?
No, your test is flawed and so is the analysis. There are many variables at play here and the changes released in 1.6 are exposing issues that were previously hidden.

The issue is more likely to be local.

I have Roon Core running on a Windows 10 PC with 32GB memory (i5 quad core). Running Tidal.

Just did a search for Elvis Costello - took 2 seconds.

(I have about 3000 CDs in my local library)

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I’m at work but have you tried clearing Roon’s cache. I forgot where it’s located. I did it a year ago. I’ll check when I get home.

@Dan_Herrmann - Hi Dan, after you did the search did you click on the result to see the performer page? What I have been experiencing is slowness there. Loading the actual page with the Performer’s top tracks, albums, etc have been very slow. Interestingly, the search is faster on my PC then it is on my cell phone. I need to test with my Wife’s phone and another PC, to do further validation. Unfortunately I haven’t had time to dig into this issue lately.

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