Why is Shuffle play so hard to find/deactivate?

I finally found the shuffle icon on the main screen, next to the track total time. Is there a reason we can’t toggle it on/off from here? And where is Repeat?

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both are on the queue page… they affect the queue.

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Well, of course… why didn’t I realize that? Yes, rhetorical question. But they are both on the main screen on my iPhone. Hmm. Thanks. .

A product disparity that needn’t be. I can’t for the life of me imagine why there’s not a clickable shuffle icon in the footer just because they say it’s an uncommonly used feature. Every single other player I’ve ever used has one, and I’ve tried many. There’s a reason it’s they all have it! It seems roon has expanded its userbase quite a bit these past couple years, and I would think more and more newer users might be coming from other services and would expect a shuffle icon in the player controls.

Count me in as requesting a clickable shuffle icon in the footer!

Oh God, thank you so much. Unwanted shuffle was doing my head in tonight, until Google led me to your advice. Thank you!

I fully agree with you. I have several long playists that I play with “shuffle” on, or I play my whole library on shuffle, but when I want to listen to a specific album I would like to turn it off without having to go back to the queue screen. These are the kind of little details that are exasperating even for Roon fan as me…