WiFi Key Compatibility for ROCK


I read the onboard WiFi modules are not anymore supported by ROCK, starting from NUC8. Isn’t clear to me if is still possible to use WiFi, on a NUC10i7FN, using an external USB WiFi Key. In case, have you a short list of WiFi Keys compatible for this purpose?

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ROCK doesn’t includes Wi-Fi support anymore, although those cards previously supported do work.

hello. Thanks for the info. Have you a list of WiFi key currently (and previously) supported? Many thanks, bye.

I’m afraid not. Look at cards prior to NUC8, or search the forum.

I tried one of these that I had laying around on a nuc with rock I used as an endpoint only and it worked but as it’s only 2.4ghz I would not use it for a server.

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Thanks @CrystalGipsy for your help. If anyone has any advice they are welcome.

Maybe yout know the kernel modules loaded on ROCK for Wifi cards and we can go back to the chipset supported list (which is the most important information at the end). Many thanks, bye

I can confirm I have got the Intel® Wireless-AC 8260 and 7265 cards working without a hitch. They are identified by ROCK and bring up a wireless option on the webpage.

I had tp upgrade the antenna for the 7265 to work in all areas of my house, but otherwise, it was fine.

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