Wifi on NUC7i7BNH


I would like to use 2 network interface for ROON rock, would like to check

  1. Does the wifi works in ROCK?
  2. If not what are the USB Ethernet device that is supported?


thanks @Ratbert.

Any idea if Roon provide a list of support USB Ethernet devices? Or I can just plug in any USB Ethernet Devices

WiFi does work on ROCK on my i7 Intel NUC. However, it is recommended to use Ethernet for better connection.

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I just installed ROCK on an Intel NUC7i7BNH and have it connected both on Ethernet and WiFi.
I have bridged Ethernet and WiFi networks that are on different IP ranges.
ROCK now discovers my Sonos Play:1’s that are on WiFi only, while my previous Core on a Windows 10 HP MicroServer did not discover them. I also tried running ROCK on WiFi only and it works perfectly. :slight_smile:


There is no list, because most do work.

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To make sure I understand before I purchase a nucleus. I can use nucleus with WiFi only via a USB port on the nucleus.? I don’t have a hard wire Ethernet available in the same room…


Unless you use all storage via USB or via the internal disk slot, this is a really bad idea.

Thanks, I’ll stick with a MacBook as core…

Ok, different scenario. I have recently installed a 3 device Google WiFi mesh system. The primary google device is connected via Ethernet to the cable modem. Another mesh device is in the hifi room on the opposite side of the house and there is not Ethernet connection other than on the google mesh in that room with the hifi. Can I plug the nucleus into the Ethernet port on the google mesh device in the hifi room. I have a 150mbs connection…