Will my DC53427HYE Nuc work?

Is this model compatible with ROCK? The DC53427HYE is rather old, but I am hoping. It sports an i5, 8Gb of ram and an m-sata of about 120 gig


Hi. It shouldn’t work, but to be honest it might. The only way to find out is to try it and see. I have a spare M.2 SSD for mine so if it doesn’t I just roll back to my other SSD.

That is what I’d planned to do as soon as ROCK in available. If it does not work I’ll just install one of the supported distros and install the server there.

I have now installed the latest Debian on my NUC. Could not wait for ROCK… Roon Core is running fine. I simply followed this Intel NUC/Debian Linux based RoonServer success story
Easy and straight forward. Using a microRendu as RAAT endpoint in front of a Mutec MC-3+ USB.

It’ll probably work, but if it doesn’t, we won’t go out of our way to support it. It might also break in the future without notice.

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Thanks @danny. As I said above I installed Core on the latest Debian some days ago. Performance is flawless with DSP (convolution at 131k taps, 4 PEQ filters and headroom management) Processing speed is around 2.9 for 192kHz, over 7 for 44.1kHz. No real errors or faults so far… very nice!