Will Roon ever be supporting MQA? [Answered - Now Live Roon 1.5]

Yep. I saw that. But it isn’t here. They’ve been saying they were c Ming to the U.S. for a few years now.

Still, at present, there are no options.

In fact, acc’d to a recent article it’s supposed to already be included.

How did they get this idea? I’d assume it was from someone at Roon.

Can you update us?

Just for those looking for the source:

Up to now, to stream MQA, music lovers equipped for either computer audio or network streaming have accessed Tidal Masters, which they played using the Tidal computer app or Audirvana, Amarra, Roon, Foobar, or other software. (I was told that by publication time, Roon will likely be able to unfold MQA in systems with non–MQA-decoding DACs.)

If said writer reads these pages it is not unreasonable that he hedged his bets. This was likely written a couple of months ago and MQA has been imminent in our minds at least for the last six!

MQA unfold in next update? Stereophile says yes.

It sounds to me like he told someone (at Roon?) the publication date, and was told the first unfold would be included in a Roon update by then.

Just posted in the comments section of the article at Stereophile, by the article author:

> I based my statements on what I was told by key players at Roon and HDTracks.

I assume this is a question for Roon, you know their stock answer … Roon don’t comment on the development / release schedule.

We as users can read inbetween the lines … but we are not going to know until it is actually released.

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Roon is updated every month’ish, so not long to wait for the April update to find out.

I can’t wait for this. Can’t happen soon enough.

Not that I care about MQA - I’m ambivalent. But once it is out the door, Roon can work on other things. And, once the “I’ll never use Roon again because you sold your souls” debates have died down on the forums, we can go back to talking about other things.

Roll on next update…


clickbait :zipper_mouth_face:

I think roll out will be before or in June period, given from the first announcement to release, major update normally takes about 6 months.

Munich maybe the best timing

Agreed. Also qubuz does not integrate Tidal as is the case with Roon - for me the Roon / Tidal integration has primacy over the other streaming options available in the market as of today’s date.

Someone has to pay the license fees / i think this issue is still a live one as discussed elsewhere.

Yes, dCS implemented their own filters, and so far they are the only ones to do so. You know why? They say it took over 1000 hours of programmer time. You can be sure almost no other company will make that type of investment - if they even have the ability, which many don’t. They will just use the 16 standard filters.

Probably the 16 standard filters are not good enough for dCS implementation. These filters are considered very leaky indeed which allows ultrasonic noise and aliasing effects to propagate into the audio range.

That is because the filters were chosen from what was available off the shelf. That doesn’t mean they can’t be better in the future.

I was responding to a post that was incorrect indicating you had to use of of the 16 filters. As noted dCS developed their own and if another manufacturer wants to get it right they could develop their own too. He made a wrong assumption only time will tell if you are right or wrong.

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MQA support is now live.