Will Roon software enable me to play music from an external hard drive

I have several thousand tunes stored on an External hard drive. Can I play them through Roon by connecting the hard drive to my core computer, which is an iMac …if so how can I keep them separate so that they do not intermingle with the Roon playlist I have developed from TIDAL

If your point Roon at your library it will display them as your music in Roon.
You can disable the folder at anytime and they won’t show up. Easy.
Once you have them in Roon, I can’t see how they would disturb your playlists on Tidal.
Thoughts, Chris

You can always hide them view by using Album View > Focus > Inspector > Storage locations.

Make a Bookmark of the Focus excluding your external drive and you’ll be able to hide them from view instantly.

Chris my playlists are on Roon but they are from TIDAL. Does your answer still apply?

Chris, how do I point roon to my library?

You go to Settings: Then Storage. There you add a ‘Watched Folder’.

hi folks,
i am new to Roon. searched my HD and found out i have over 30k flac. audio files. or about 1.2TB of music. what is the limit of the NUC? do i need to buy a NUC $1500? or is there another way to get the music to Roon? i have an Oppo 103 that is connected to my DAC now. do you think if i eliminated the Oppo my music would be better?

You can also find a good start via this forum.

Roon plays in all worlds. Has own servers (Nucleus), tinkering projects and software to play music without or with other devices. I started only with this investment of 30 €. As the matching post shows, the sky is the limit.

Roon runs on Windows, Linux and on Apple products. It can also connect to Android…

You can always accommodate a BlueRay player, but Roon likes to certify devices, as Roon Ready or Roon Testet, to avoid any problems.

There is a recommendation to separate the system hard drive from the music (external USB solution or second internal).

Here is the entry:


What hardware do you already have , it would help guide what you can do without an further investment

Most things are possible but details will help others to help you.