Will Skull Canyon NUC be Rock Ready?

100% true, but some are (or will become) absolutely convinced that Thunderbolt is better. Just like putting their music on an SSD or those who believe that different brands of RAM sound better than others.

My experience to date with Thunderbolt under Linux hasn’t been especially positive. I know that there is absolutely no benefit to it for a dedicated Roon core but I’d love for it to work as I have a really nice 6 bay Thunderbolt-only disk array that is now doing absolutely nothing. Not looking for performance here, but would like to re-purpose some hardware I already own.

@danny - I have been using a Skull Canyon NUC as a Roon server under windows since it was released, I have been very happy with it. The fanless askaa case I believe will be released soon. I am very eager to try ROCK on it and am more than willing to work with you/whomever on testing things to get thunderbolt working, which personally I see has huge potential.

Here is also one Skull Canyon waiting for ROCK. I’am planning to use external usb3 drive and make backup routines to old QNAP to sync music (via smb) to it. I have mRendu serving Roon endpoint. Would also like to test direct HDMI connection to my AV-amp for 5.1 music. I really hope that nuc6i7kyk is supported option :).

Plus one on the Skull Canyon with ROCK.

pardon my ignorance but what is ROCK ?


Rugby, thank you. Seems like my Apollo lake NUC wont be ROCK ready. But for my 1,800 music files it does a solid and fast job. I think folks who dont have huge collections dont need cpu power. My system seems to be running just fine with apollo lake chip.

or streaming to many zones simultaneously…
or using DSP features (especially upsampling)…

Or, just for peace of mind
or, just because we can


Just thought I’d share an update I got from Akasa:
" A finalised fanless case for the Intel Skull Canyon has been developed and will be arriving to our UK warehouse very soon."

Akasa for Skull Canyon

Its coming, end of April is the update from akasa…

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That’s pretty cool looking. And just when I’d convinced myself an i5 would do the job.

How can ROCK Rock without a cool case like this one?

I’m not sure that case would pass the “wife test”.


Unless she is a Star Wars fan. :wink:

There are some advantages to a single lifestyle.

But, even then… it will be relegated to a dark corner.

So it seems from Danny’s updated ROCK info page, that Skull Canyon is definitively not supported, correct?

(Disclaimer, I have one but I absolutely didn’t expect to use ROCK on it. So this is not a complaint. :wink:)

Just speculating, but since the release version of ROCK appears to support Thunderblt, what is there about the Skull Canyon NUC that wouldn’t work with ROCK?

With luck, @danny will make a pronouncement at some point.

I hope it supports thunderbolt :slight_smile: it’s not being easy to test with a variety of gear. I wouldn’t bet on it for now.

@danny What kernel version are you guys testing with? :slight_smile:
Is this LFS or a spin from a distribution?