WMA files, convert or re-rip

(Andrew J Shepherd) #21

Anders, that is an effective argument for ripping physical media, then stashing away out of sight. But that is not an effective argument for employing no data compression.


(Anders Vinberg) #22

I think it is.
By compressing, you might save a cent per CD. If you have 2000 CDs (which cost $10,000 - $50,000 to buy), you would save $20. What is the risk of compatibility problems? One in a thousand? One in a million? Would you take a one in a million risk in order to save $20?

(Andrew J Shepherd) #23

You overlook numerous other relevant factors. In transferring files from one disk to another or over a network, for example, are your time and network bandwidth also “free”?


(Anders Vinberg) #24

I think you overlook another relevant factor: is the mental energy spent on optimizing tiny costs free?
The brain power of all the people reading and pondering this?

(Paul Williams) #25

I have around 3,000 albums - none of them with their original album title - which I always use in preference to the Roon titles (I let Roon sort out most of the other metadata) and have only rarely had problems with Roon recognition - and I cannot attribute this to the fact that I rename album title (usually older CDs that I have ripped that do not exactly match the contents of later reissues in the fully digital era). If I left album title to Roon, I would be totally lost! As hundreds of posts on this site suggest, classical music metadata is a law unto itself.

(Mike O'Neill) #26

I suppose I did the same thing in the software now I think about it in my previous system, I had

[album] - [artist] as the display name but constructed as a string by the software

Starting with Roon I left them as the bare Album Name

Recognition in classical stuff is still poor, out of 3000 ish I still have 300 in id’ed

You are right Classical metadata is a nightmare, I am still toying with JRiver for classical, Roon for Rock as I can control what I see and how I navigate

(David Gibson) #27

Do a google search on FLAC compression level. You’ll see there’s little difference in file size from 3 to 8. 3 seems to be the sweet spot.

(Frank Cromer) #28

I wanted to thank everyone for the input here. Lots of good information and food for thought. I settled on DBpoweramp defaults for compression and it’s working great. I also went with the defaults for file naming and results have been superb.