Worth moving library from NAS to internal SSD?

Hi all, what is your experience w/ playing off internal SSD vs reading from a NAS? Any SQ benefits in using an internal SSD?

I doubt you would experience a difference in SQ, but a lot of the issues posted in the Support forum have to do with running Roon with music stored on a NAS.

If it’s working reliably I wouldn’t risk swapping things around. As @Jim_F states there won’t be a difference in SQ.

If you are having drop outs and other glitches it could well be worth doing. I run a MOCK server and a NAS drive for storage, all hardwired by Ethernet cables, and it’s 100% reliable - never a hint of an issue - so I’m leaving it all well alone!

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I’d do it purely to get networked filesystems out of the picture. The SSD will be faster and be isolated on your system.

I always recommend moving away from a nas because it’s such a better experience without the nas. If you have the opportunity, go for it. You can always use the nas as a place to backup the music.


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