Wrong time Nucleus+

That’s true and I wouldn’t care at all except the improper time zone handling effects the GUI: When it’s 9PM what i listen to is being applied to tomorrow’s statistics and tallies.

Yes, but that’s Kludgy. This thing is doing mDNS already.

The thing that is frustrating is that all this stuff is not new ground. Every OS deals with this and has been for the last 40 years. Even embedded ones these days. You can argue that it’s just an appliance, but it’s not, especially at the insane price of the Nucleus. If it was an appliance, the remotes could be smarter and would resolve the times themselves. And at the same time, they could actually use text instead of pictures of text and use native widgets etc.

I like roon and enjoy it for squirting data to my various devices, I pay for it and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future, but there a lot of indications that the code is half baked.


I totally agree with that, but that seems unrelated to the Nucleus, no? Or is the GUI time correct with other cores? (Then they should fix that :slight_smile: )

I can’t recall, I discovered it weeks in after I had built a rock. I’d suspect that the core on any other OS is correct, it can’t do anything but get its time from the OS which would be handled in a sane fashion.


IMHO the sane way would be to track all plays (and all other time stamps) on the Core in UTC and have a separate service convert the time based on the current time zone and daylight savings. It’s what all OSes do for a reason, they all do UTC at the base and a separate tz service does the conversion for display in terminals, file managers, and what have you.

In a general purpose OS this service lives on the same machine as the kernel, but in a distributed appliance system I would have it in the UI and leave the server out of it, especially one that is so focused on squeezing every bit out of the hardware for the essential tasks.

With ARC, the client can be on the other side of the globe and the use should ideally even have the choice to display time stamps, play times, etc. according to the home time zone or the current one. The remotes already have access to such services in the OSes they run on. Doing this on the core would be insane.