Your favourite albums?

(Brian Luczkiewicz) #162

Back in 2005, I walked into a room where a friend had just inserted Disc 1 of this set into a CD player. Jason Lindner’s arrangement of Giant Steps was playing. After a few bars, I knew that I had to have this album for myself. At the time, this involved ordering it from the record label in Barcelona at what felt like a totally unreasonable price and waiting weeks for it to arrive. But when it did, it changed my life.

This is the album that awakened my appetite for modern Big Band Jazz. It led me to some of my happiest moments exploring the genre, and several of my favorite live performances. It led me to explore in directions that I was not previously open to. It even re-defined what “Rhythm Changes” meant to me.

This album seems like a compilation, but it really isn’t. This is the premise: choose 8 upcoming composers from the New York Jazz Scene, instruct each to show up to a recording session with one original composition and one arrangement. Record it all with the same band in a few days. Put the originals on disc 1 and the arrangements on disc 2 and release it.

This one comes in layers and gets deeper with repeated listening.

Jason Lindner’s Giant Steps, and A Meditation on Two Chords were fast favorites that have stuck with me.

Frank Carlberg’s I Got Rhythm is worth taking the time to appreciate. It is one of the most exotic interpretations that I’ve encountered, but brilliantly powerful at the same time.

Likewise, Andrew Rathbun’s Nine and Witch Hunt are inspired. I’ve never loved him as a saxophonist, but man can that guy write for a band!


Ahhh, Joan Osborne in her youth -


(Anders Vinberg) #165

And now it’s on Tidal.
Ah, the new world.

(Andrew Cox) #166

A relatively recent album by a Canadian/Australian singer/songwriter that has become a firm favourite. Thoughtful lyrics and tasteful hooks and fills traded between guitarists (including Luke Sinclair from Raised By Eagles). Alt-Country meets West Coast. If you like Lucinda Williams and Fleetwood Mac, you’ll like this. It’s on Tidal, so try it out.

(Larry Megugorac) #167

I like to listen to a lot of Jazz…mostly Smooth Jazz…I especially like the Saxaphone. I enjoy many Sax players but one of my favs is Dave Koz…I have seen this man in Concert an he puts on a Show…gonna see him agin next month in Napa…Can’t wait…he will play with another Reed Instrument player Richard Elliot. Dave also has a Radio show…he really enjoys performing and it’s obvious by the fun he has on stage!

(Patrick Scantland) #168

Didn’t knew Todd Rundgren.Thanks for the sharing. Listening here and having a great deal of fun on a killer stereo. :wink:

(Vincent Baudoin) #169

That could be another great thread : “the songs you wished to listen to with her on a killer stereo” :wink:

(Gary Tosland) #170




Just discovered her on a long flight from Dallas to London. This album was on the in-flight entertainment thingy and I kept thinking “her voice must sound amazing on decent speakers” and it really is.

(Chris ) #173

You like that, try this…


Ha, you’ve been missing. She’s great.
Also try the song “I’d Rather Go Blind” from the album Bang Bang Boom Boom.

Same song is also on the album @Chrislayeruk recommended.



Awesome recommendation!


Great version too. Always interesting to hear Jeff Beck, but the version with Bonamassa is amazing.

(Ged) #178

One of my favourites. Not good for the commute as it needs a silent landscape to stand out against.

Do you like Ry Cooder and with VM Bhatt’s “A meeting by the river” ? Now there is an album recorded about 10dB below normal, you really have to turn the wick up on that one! But all Water Lilly records are amazingly well recorded though very low level output, i suppose because of the dynamic range of the music.


Just relax and enjoy.


One of my favourite Keith Jarrett albums. Anyone who doesn’t like this may very well be suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome… :wink:

(If you don’t know what I’m alluding to, just read the AllMusic review…)

(Mike O'Neill) #181

Despite its age it still gets a monthly outing , another 21st Birthday present :rofl: