1.3 - memory leak?

I noticed today that the overall responsiveness of Roon remote running on my laptop decreased. When I looked at my Roonserver, I noticed the memory usage more than doubled from around 1.3gb to almost 3gb (I have 8gb total installed). After I reset my Roonserver PC, memory went back to normal and overall responsiveness returned.

Curious if this is a memory leak of some sort? Is this the cause of my sluggish Roon remote response?

Which OS is this.

Windows Server 2012 R2.

Im running at around 5+GB of ram for roonaplliance.exe on Win10Pro 16GB ram right now…up for a few days I think maybe a week since roon restarted - last update I guess that was…will monitor the next few days and assuming no new releases see how much more that changes

Running Roonserver with 2014 mbp 16gb ram on sonic transporter linux.
Memory was 1.7gb…reset Roonserver sonic transporter…now memory is using 309.7mb steady.

now up to 1gb

Noticed here that after an hour or so of very frequent use, album searching etc, that randomly some images of album art and/or artists pictures don’t show, just black background. when i restart Roon, is ok again for awhile. but not until I restart PC that it properly clears up until an hour or 2 later. This is with both v1.2 and 1.3 Roon. Maybe part of this possible memory leak, too?
Windows 10, 6th gen i5, 8GB DDR4

Been doing heaving editing on unidentified albums…now up to 2.28gb.

Mine has always been at about 3GB. However with 1.3 my CPU overhead is half as much as 1.2 and it is much more responsive.

Roon memory leak

I would open a new thread to be seen better