1.5 vs 1.4 version mismatch

Please advise if I need to ask this question somewhere else.

I have updated my Roon Core on my iMac and it now shows V. 1.5. It also shows my Sonore microRendu on the network (in another room) and it is playing fine.

I control the music playing on the microRendu with an iPad. Looking at the Settings page in Roon on that iPad, it still shows Version 1.4.

Is that correct? The iPad shows no update available for the Roon app.

It should update automatically in the next few hours if you have automatic updates on Geoff.

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Thanks. Yes I am notified of all App updates on that device automatically.

Usually the ipad app updates come out within a couple of days of the software release. Keep an eye on your App Store updates, it should be available soon.