1.7 after update less production credits?

There is something that I am 97% sure changed after the database update. I will try to explain: a friend of mine used to be a sound engineer at Decca ( not doing this to name drop, just to explain why I searched) James Lock, he did the sound on a huge number of recordings. I was always happy to use Roon to look up recordings he did and I had loads, Roon was super in that. Now after the database update I just clicked on his name again and only 24 recordings were found amongst my local library. Which is surely much less than was shown before, some of his most famous recordings do not show up anymore. Thing is I am not 100% sure how many were shown before, am I just imagining stuff, or are there infos missing in the updated metadata?!?

Update: I just had a search on allmusic.com and there all the recordings are, so I was not imagining, a vast selection and I would say I have most of them. So something has changed. Does Roon not use the complete info from allmusic anymore?

How long ago did you update to 1.7? I understand the updated metadata can take a few days to fully populate. Leave Roon Core running and check again in a few days.

Did it immediately, it took a long time to update my database and definitely changed the info that was there before. On some new albums there was more info, whilst the production info is missing in many now - but as I wrote before the info exists on allmusic

If you give us some examples, we can take a look.

The release notes say,

Vālence technology helps us support and disambiguate credits from more metadata sources than we were able to support previously, including less structured data and credits imported from file tags.

So I guess it’s not just AllMusic any more.

Here just 3 but have a look at allmusic and you will see how many he has done and I really have most of them and they did show up. Interesting on Qobuz only 54 hits on his name.

Off-topic, I love that Turandot!

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I think there must be several James Lock’s. On my Qobuz I get 59 hits, but 10 of them look wrong. They are Club/House records after 2009 when he passed away (condolences for your friend). It’s a guess but it looks like James Lock’s are being munged by roon’s metadata suppliers or perhaps by roon themselves.

It’s probably happening with other production/artist credits as well but it is very difficult to spot unless you have an intimate knowledge as in your case. For example, I get 12 hits of landmark Decca Classical recordings in my local library but I have no idea how many I used to get in 1.6 as I don’t recall ever having looked.

Yes there are some recordings on Qobuz that definitely have nothing to do with Jimmy. So there must be another James Lock.
The rich metadata was what really drew me to Roon, the connections you usually do not get, searching for someone like Pavarotti obviously gives you all results, but actually being able to do that with the team that made the recordings etc is simply amazing. This has changed, but the info is still at the source Roon used before, so not all is lost. I just hope they get it back.
It does not seem to phase many people yet, but it will once users might want to search for people in minor roles in huge opera casts etc. Since there is less info now.

There are 475 of his recordings listed in allmusic, which is a lot more than 25 I have Roon list locally or the odd 50 on Qobuz.

So please Roonies get all the metadata info which was there before 1.7 back. This is just one example, it would be such a shame if info that actually made it to metadata got lost whilst actually trying to achieve quite the opposite and get more info.