1.8 Android: No option to show track numbers on Album page

After upgrading to 1.8, I no longer see an option to show track numbers on the Album page in Settings/General page within the Android app. Has anyone figured out a workaround? Is the setting hiding somewhere else?

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It shows up in the Android app on my tablet. It doesn’t on the Android app for my phone, but the phone version has always been more limited than the full tablet version. I would note that while the tablet version now does permit portrait orientation, the portrait version has the same limitations as the phone version.

Same on iOS, unfortunately.

I’m certain this worked fine on the phone apps in 1.7, so hopefully it gets added back in.

This is an important feature for me; I often run across albums in my local collection that aren’t tagged well or identified (I have lots of vinyl rips in relatively obscure genres that I’ve collected from various sources over the years - Roon generally isn’t very good at identifying italo disco 12" singles :grinning:), and the presence or absence of track numbers is a good way to understand what I need to fix from a tagging perspective.

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