1.8 BUG: Roon always jumps back to first page after selecting an Album in "My Albums" [Ticket In]

@ivan , I am seeing this on Album Screen. Apply just any focus filter. Genre for example.

Then browse down a few pages (or near the bottom), select an Album to look at, go back to album view. And now you will find that Roon does not go back to where you left but instead jumps to the very top! I would not consider calling this expected behaviour.

Other users have confirmed the same problem. I could put a screen print of album view here, but its a bit pointless as it doesnt capture that „jump to the top“.

Pls. let me know if you could reproduce or if you need further input.

NB: I can confirm what @sergej_teregeshev said above: This also happens if you select an album on the second page of any of these „Similar Albums“ boxes. Or on „New Releases“ - it always jumps back to the first page / resp. Top.

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Similar problem here with Focussing on “Not identified”, Identify an album in the second page, go back and the Album-view is back on the first position.

whatever focus you use, you will get the same undesired result :expressionless:

Thanks, @bbrip , I think we have several open tickets about this behavior.



good. So I would assume this is pretty high on your list to get fixed.

@ivan Whilst on the subject of jumping around see:Can't remove own tags 1.8 - #10 by Daren_Peacock in the context of removing tags and Roon then jumping to earlier albums rather than leaving where you left off

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Yep! I got that. Bug No. 317 :grimacing:

Yes, this is annoying.

I know I’m probably in the minority, but I liked the horizontal slide, however I mainly used a wide-screen monitor for my remote.

@ivan I have this same issue when browsing albums without any filter. I have ~6K albums. I scroll down a couple of hundred albums down, click on an album, add it to queue, and click on back arrow. It goes all the way back up to the top of the 6K albums instead of returning to the same place in my album list where I had previously scrolled to.
This is a terribly impactful problem for me. Thanks for you support!

@dylan, Very disappointing to see that this is still not fixed in Version 763. This is pretty basic functionality, one should expect.

When can we expect this to work as expected?


Im also disappointed this wasn’t fixed. I mean, this is a critical bug because it ruins the experience. It makes roon unusable on the desktop or phone/tablet. They all exhibit the same behavior. And it happens on every list of albums no matter what filters are in place. How is star rating display more important than navigating your list of albums? If you can’t navigate you can’t listen. If you don’t see star rating you can still listen.
Sigh. Another 2 weeks of frustration on top of the existing 2 weeks.


I agree, this is a huge bug.
In the meantime I’m using other players and thinking about not renewing my expiring annual subscription, unless they solve this issue quickly.
Very disappointed.

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Can confirm this is new behavior and mighty annoying. I can be somewhere down at the Letter S, look at an albums Tracks, hit the back button and I jumps back to the top of the Album list.

This only happens when I have a Focus filter active. Which is always. And it happens across apps. On the PC as well as on my Fire Tablet.
Also the strangest thing is this looks deliberate. Because when I go back I can see that Roon remembers the position it was at and then starts scrolling to the top within half a second or so.


same issue here…

This isn’t new. It’s been like this for years. Most annoying.

and not even in 764
also… one wonders how beta-testers could have missed this one! :roll_eyes:

I wonder about a lot of things. This is by far not the only major issue.

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Happens with the Genres page as well

Not checked that one as I really only have one Main Genre and a bit of Jazz and Pop, so not much to scroll :slightly_smiling_face:

It looks as if Roon has updated some Cloud service here. I am seeing this suddenly works for Albums, Artists and Composers.

@Ivan, can you confirm that this is fixed now. That would be great !! :+1:

It seems to work when using the drop-down focus filter. But once saving a filtered selection as a Bookmark for later use, that bookmark is falling back into the old habit and jumping to the top…

So, only a partial fix for now :grimacing:


Just thought I’d add my 2 cents on this. I can make it happen and make it not happen every time when I do the following.

It happens on mac os and ipad os with Roon 1.8 (764). Not sure about other OS’s. Doesn’t appear to happen on the iphone app.

Create a bookmark from something that used the Focus feature. If you create a bookmark using a Filter it won’t happen. As soon as you add then remove the Filter feature at any time the scroll to top is happening, it seems to stop happening.

  1. Click bookmark.
  2. Scroll down a bunch of albums.
  3. Click an album.
  4. Click back.
  5. It goes to the top of the page.

Now, do exactly the same but select a filter. Say filter “a”. Then delete the filter. Problem is gone.

  1. Click bookmark.
  2. Click Filter and fill in anything.
  3. Delete the filter.
  4. Scroll down a bunch of albums.
  5. Click an album.
  6. Click back.
  7. All is good.