1.8 Crashing when clicking links [Ticket In]

Hi, running 1.8 on Windows 10 (Core I5, 24GB RAM, Quadro P620 GPU).

There’s a few bugs with 1.8 but the one that is intolerable and needs urgent fixing is that Roon now crashes when clicking on certain links.

Here’s a video which demos how when I click on Eno’s “Music For Airports” it crashes to desktop.

Happens on many other pages. I’ve just rescanned my entire library and the problem is still there.


Hi, @Dylan_Trigg , sorry for troubles. We have an open ticket about this.



Still having this issue. Every album within Roon that I click on in this descriptive text causes a crash. Is there a fix coming soon?

Hi @Dylan_Trigg

I just wanted to follow up and confirm that this has been resolved.

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