1.8 Interface is Very FAST!

Having played with 1.8 a little more over the weekend, I’ve noticed a definite navigational speed increase in pretty much all options and selections. I can say it’s now fast.

And this is running the Core on a 10 year old iMac, and streaming Qobuz and Tidal from my Windows 10 laptop with ifi Zen DAC. I will still need to restart the Core if I shut down the client due to missing audio zone, but I’m leaving it running and it seems to be more stable for now.

I’m finding the speed increase 2-3 times faster. Maybe the new DB and more efficient code?

The new interface takes some getting use to going from 1.7 to 1.8. Tagging is definitely a little challenged but that should be an easy fix to allow multiple selections at the same time.

I’m sure it will only get better from here. It’s still the best player out there and will only keep getting better.

Keep the innovation coming.

Thanks, Phil


I would absolutely agree Phil. First day or two not so much but I’m sure there was a lot of traffic back and forth to Roon’s servers etc., and a need to build up caches locally and externally. Over the weekend it has been very fast indeed. Everything has been rock solid and I’m just enjoying playing music!


Yup. Same here this weekend

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Same here, for both desktop and Android remotes.

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agreed… it’s much faster than before, also it doesn’t load all at once, which helps on slower systems.