1.8 is a great update

Well, I think those who like the 1.8 update deserve their own thread.

After all, there are +100.000 Roon users and only a couple hundred users airing their grievances about the 1.8 update in the “1.8 is a Massive Failure” thread. Probably some of the posts are well founded, but certainly not all off them. It just proves that change is hard and that we audiophiles are a fanatic bunch.

Here is a great review of 1.8 to kick things off.

I wholeheartedly agree with Hans.

Let us know what you like in 1.8. :+1:


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Much improved user interface
Far easier to home in on composers and specific compositions
Vertical scrolling
Improved colour scheme
Same underlying engine as 1.7 (it seems to me)
Ability to have smaller window sizes on MacOS and Windows 10 desktops
All round improved ability to access and benefit from the information system
Improved iOS app
Ability to have portrait mode on Fire HD10


Love the new release - does everything I want and a bit faster I’ve noticed. Albeit, I only use my iPhone 11 to interface with Roon, not a PC or Mac. Continue to love Roon every day.


I’m with you. You might like to look at this thread.

Roon 1.9 and Negativity

I agree that 1.8 is a great update. However it has bugs, there is no shame in accepting that and fixing them. And I believe Roon team will do that. And I also believe Roon will not underestimate couple of hundred people.
From my point of view the couple of hundred people (or maybe thousand) that are moaning are 10 times more than people complaining when 1.7 first came out.

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I would like to speak about positive aspects with Roon 1.8.

Sorry, cause I have a little bit problems with the word „great“ (MAGA!).

One positive aspect is that I‘m listening much more records/vinyl since the release of 1.8 and this gives me a really good feeling that I would not have without this „great“ release.


Do remember that the user base of Roon today is much larger than when 1.7 came out 15 months ago so hard to correlate # of complaints with overall release angst, but I do agree that there are more ranters with 1.8 than 1.7.

I forgot to add in my original post:

Thanks to the ROON team for a great release. It is not perfect yet, but I am confident the current issue will be resolved.


What I meant was that number of people complaining or applausing is not that important. The people complaining are not complaining about the change . For most of them they have lost functionality or they are struggling with bugs. I like the new release but i also see that it is premature in some ways because I am struggling with some bugs too. I want them to be fixed and certain that Roon is working on them.
What I meant was just that ignoring monaers or underestimating number of complaints will not make roon any better.

I don’t think the ones that have bugs or real issues (vs I don’t like the fonts…and the like) are being ignored. I believe these will be addressed by Roon.

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1.8 … intuitive, crisp, responsive, flexible, fresh & new.

Congratulations Roon Team on a great update!


OK. Get ready for 99,500 customers to was lyrical on how everything is hunky dory with 1.8.
P.S. What were you thinking?

I like that for some use cases, Roon 1.8 works perfectly. I don’t like that there are still bugs that prevent Roon 1.8 from working for others. I feel certain the Roon team will get those resolved.

As far as colors and where buttons are located and other issues of choice, I think those should be addressed or not addressed as feature request, as before. Roon should concentrate of fixing bugs first.

Why so negative Shelby?

Try looking at it from the view that the glass is half full.

Now that I’ve had time to play with it a bit, I can agree with this post. 1.8 gives us enough of the familiar Roon experience to be comfortable while enough new to explore and enjoy. I like the new design and colors - I appreciate the “museum” approach and it works for me. I also really like the new Home page and the discovery suggestions that are offered right there. The old Roon “Discover” left me cold - it was crowded and chaotic. The new suggestions feel more useful and relevant. I like how the suggestions are consistent across Artists eg “xxx collaborated with yyy” so I know what to look for when listening to someone new.

I would like to see Focus and Tags improved and agree with many of the enhancements/ fixes requested elsewhere but am glad to go along for the ride.


Seems faster to me. Faster to reconnect when you open up the app in iOS and faster to find end points.

I am a fan of Roon 1.8, it grows on me everyday.

However, I am a bit concerned about the tiny minority of those users who are very much vocal against 1.8, most of them are not not really familiar with computers/tablets or general computing usages.


Hähh??? Nice try!

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My old mum used to say… “Empty cans make most noise” :joy: The older I get, the more I realise, she was correct…