Roon 1.9 and Negativity

My espionage team has been in action and overheard a juicy leak emanating from Roon towers.

Roon version 1.9 is to be released on 1st April and is guaranteed to resolve all version 1.8 problems.

Following the outrageous negativity from some subscribers, Roon version 1.9 will be identical to Roon version 1.7, except for the number.

All of those changes that have outraged a small number of highly voluble subscribers will be rolled back and I am willing to bet the value of my home hi-fi system that they will be complaining just as much.

I have stated elsewhere that, from my perspective, version 1.8 is 10 steps forward and 1.5 steps back, which is a tremendous result during the first week after implementation. I have little doubt that it will get even better. I recognise that some other subscribers may have serious issues but most of the complaints are really petty.

If the moaners and groaners are allowed to win, we will get 1.5 steps forward and 10 steps back. Do we really want that?

It is embarrassing to share this but I am already struggling to remember exactly what 1.7 was like. However, I have no regrets (Edith Piaf expressed it so much better but I don’t want to be pretentious).

Let’s congratulate the team at Roon on what has been a fantastic achievement and clearly the result of many, many hours of burning the midnight oil on our collective behalf.

I am sure that they appreciate and try to take on board constructive criticism but doubt that anyone will benefit from comments such as “this is rubbish – I want version 1.7 back”. Just spotted this encouraging development. List of updates from Roon on 1.8 issues

Since my list of music to try out has expanded by 25% in two days, directly as a result of the improvements, I am now going to close down the community pages and head off to enjoy some sublime music.

If you strongly disagree with this post, please either reply politely or remain silent.


Not all. I am actually with you. I trialed 1.7 and hated it. I have now have subscribed to 1.8 because of 1.8. Yes it has some hiccups, all can be ironed out I’m sure. If something doesn’t work out how you want it, you don’t go backward… just simply move forward with better knowledge of how you / or it can improve.
Some people love old fashioned, so people love modern. But you still have to move forward!
Just my thoughts anyhow.


I am fully with you. Unfortunately some technical problems were introduced to 1.8 stable which should had been found in beta which unnecessarily harmed the first impression of the new version.

The iOS crashes with international settings and the Roon core loosing audio devices are two examples. However, we are now 3 days after the public release and the iOS issue is already solved, numeous small issues in core are also solved. The Audio device issue is already recognized and confirmed to get solved soon.

For the changes in 1.8 I also think that the majority of the changes are a step forward.
Some issues are remaining and are openly discussed here
For me it is

  • the changed way multiple tags can no longer applied and removed without leaving the popup screen
  • the missing indentation of movements in classical music
  • the changed AND OR logic when using focus which invalidates existing bookmarks

In all these I already noticed that the Roon team is listening so I am in good hope

Excellent post

What amazes me is the speed with which the detractors can analyze a complex inter-related application such as Roon in lightening quick time . The “Rubbishing Thread” must have been within minutes of release.

I prefer to spend a little mellow time , assisted by tender strains of Beethoven and a supply of Gin & Tonic to delve into the new bits and see where they lead. They may even lead to the points the detractors don’t like.

Colour schemes will never please everybody but clearly they are not user selectable or they would have been made configurable (?)

I can remember my first dip into 1.3 or 1.4 was it . It was overwhelmingly different but you get used to anything


It’s grown on me warts and all. Things need sorting in some areas but it’s finding music quicker and I find easy to navigate and use.


Amen to that :slightly_smiling_face:

I fully agree.

In my opinion, it would be a horrible mistake and a huge amount of work to be wasted. Let the team fix the reported bugs and restore some schematics from version 1.7 and it will be great.

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@PFBTG I’m with you. I’ve had a trial-periode in 2020 and didn’t like it enough to stay with Roon. I was offered a partner-trial period which started recently and I must say 1.8 is very nice. I’m all in now. The look and feel is much better then in previous versions. My compliments to the roon-team. You’ve done a great job. Keep up the good work!


It would be good if Roon’s team would refer to the situation and set out some plans for the future. Silence for now.

Just an additional observation prompted by your post and some of the replies.

I find the tone used by some of the 1.8 detractors, and more generally, by some other members reporting issues with Roon, to be totally unacceptable and just downright rude.

I couldn’t imagine anyone adopting tone or language like that in a face to face interaction (unless a masochistic smack in the mouth was the desired outcome), so why do some feel it’s acceptable to behave in this way on a community forum?

“Good manners cost nothing”


Folks are tinkering away… (at their own risk):

I’ve had a lot of run ins with the Font Police over the decades …

When software companies get specific and accurate criticism it’s very worthwhile. The ranting broad complaints are the absolute opposite and do nothing of benefit for anyone.

I’m guessing this board is called a community because the majority see Roon as something they’re participating in … providing some finance for the benefits it brings and offering appropriate criticisms and ideas.

1.8 hasn’t abducted any of my children or frighten the dog so I’m just as positive as the OP :wink:


If they will not move forward with the current, I’ll be thoroughly disappointed. It’s been working great for me so far!

Are there any facts to this statement?

the fact of sarcasm :stuck_out_tongue:


My goodness - an adult post with adult language. Thank you @PFBTG !

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Wholeheartedly agree - love the UI and I have also discovered more music than before.
Well, it’s not magical…just easier to access. Plus…you gotta love that purple, especially as it seems to wind up so many people :rofl:


Well said.
Still, Roon labs knows this: ‘OK, everybody behind the settees until the dust settles…then we can get back to work’.

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Does it need any?