1.8 is a Massive Success!

Any new major release is bound to have some issues as the folks in the “1.8 is a Massive Failure!” thread are mentioning. But for me, I have had no issues- personally, I like the new user interface and everything I have is working fine.

Kudos to the Roon team for this major update and looking forward to the patches that will be coming in the near future!


Welcher massive Erfolg? Oder ist das ironisch gemeint?

Schaut mal auf die Wortmeldungen bezüglich Roon 1.8 in den deutschsprachigen Foren.

Erfolg sieht anders aus.

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Same here. Upgrade when without issue. Works great. I like the new interface very much. For me this was a non-event event.


Yes, 1.8 is a massive succes on my android phone. A bit less massive on my Ipad, a not so good release on my macbook and a step backwards on my windows desktop. So, massive succes or failure, all depends on your viewing angle. Lot’s to like in the new version but lot’s to improve as well.

I’m very encouraged by this release. Sure, there are bugs, but that always comes with a huge release, and they’ll be addressed.

Now for some good news:

  1. Album covers in the Tracks view!!! For my use of the product, this is an enormous change that makes that view 1000% more usable (I’m a typical visually oriented male, I suppose).
  2. Huge visual improvements. This is non-trivial as it encourages me to explore more.
  3. The home view showing my usage (particularly of genres) is a much bigger deal for me than I expected.Very cool.
  4. I love having the ability to focus within an album, or show only my favorite tracks. Both are game changing for me.
  5. The presentation of credits below tracks is great.

Others on the forum have pointed out some lost functionality, but I strongly suspect roon will address those concerns (where they apply to an appropriately large percentage of its user base [which is pretty much never perfectly represented by those that choose to participate on on-line forums]).

Bottom line . . . I’m enjoying 1.8.


For the benefit of non-german speakers…

What massive success? Or is that meant ironically?

Take a look at the requests to speak regarding Roon 1.8 in the German-speaking forums.

Success looks different.


For what it’s worth, 1.8 exceeds my expectations. I love the new design language and was particularly impressed to be greeted with dark mode on my iPad mini having only seen the promotional material in light mode. All in all, I’m extremely happy. For the team who worked on this update, I hope you’re not discouraged by some of the talk on the other threads.

I saw the Massive Failure post before this and stupidly posted my lack of issues, aside from a Mac Book update issue, which meant quick uninstall and download, aside from that fine.
Its too early for me to really comment critically, but generally I like what I see and the few things that appear to move me will in no time become the norm, overall, I will continue to enjoy using ROON.
Thanks guys.

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Part of my desire to create this thread was to counter the “massive failure” thread :). In fact, such hyperbole does not apply in either case. This release is neither a massive success or failure, but in general, all software aims to improve and this is a major release with major improvements.

As a software engineer myself, I know the difficulty of making sweeping changes to applications, and I also know the passion that a user base can have. But I think we all need to calm down and give Roon Labs the chance to make the inevitable improvements and bug fixes over the next few weeks. To call this release a “failure” is a bit disingenuous, in my opinion.


A man who likes a challenge then. Current post frequency suggests you’re swimming against the tide as things stand. FWIW I’m also a software engineer and agree with your take. I don’t dislike the new release hugely. It’s like a new pair of shoes and nips a bit here and there, but a bit of familiarity and a few software patches should make things easier. I am underwhelmed with the search as it stands but that’s never been great. Sounds as good as ever.