1.8 update any network changes

Really. Keep it simple stupid.
But one can’t argue that problems arising from Roon’s relative intolerance of networking shortcomings are probably the largest source of dissatisfaction.
There have GOT to be things Roon could do to make it more fault tolerant.
There MUST be things Roon could do to tell you where the fault is in your system.
I don’t doubt they could be more challenging than many ‘oooh!’ features. But I also don’t doubt that more people would keep and recommend Roon if these issues were addressed.


In a Ethernet and IP based network as we all have at home, this is very difficult.
How can Roon detect hardware, network or IP issues if there are problems at those levels?
It is not easy to detect dangling cables, rogue dhcp server on different subnets etc. etc.

Network issues need to be solved by the users that have issues and they have to pay for it to get it fixed, not me or you.
Roon must do what they are committed to deliver, the best product possible for its intended use.
But i can agree that there probably are network stack issues that Roon can solve, if necessary.

Layer 1:
Roon cannot handle this at all, no eyes* in the nucleus so forget it.
Layer 2:
Roon can detect devices (MAC addresses) on the same “wire”, but is absolutely NOT fool proof. No method to look over the collision domain boundry.
Layer 3:
Roon cannot see over the subnet boundry if there are IP issues.

  • Note til self, sell a nucleus with a drone that can check wires and stuff!
    Make it expensive so people will buy it, to cheap… no sale.

I don’t disagree its hard. But if you send your logs to Roon, they look at them and tell you “there is something wrong here that’s odd”, or “there’s a long delay when Roon polls for these data”. Then they suggest what to look for. So something could come from that.
There are various timeout issues that give certain unpleasant results for some users. Those could be more tolerant. If you can still talk to a satellite when it is orbiting Neptune, there have got to be ways to get past faults. Easy, no. But room for improvement, yes.

Sending logs to Roon is helpful for support, but is not a subject for product enhancement.
This is a support thing that can diagnose local issues.

It would be good to have a simple network diagnostics check to see if it’s connecting to all services properly and report back if its ok or its down with link to simple troubleshooting.


That would be feasible to a degree, a sort of phone home to Roon HQ.
It can then say something about latency, but that is about it and you need access to the information presented.

The Roon Remote shows devices and status if connectivity in the network permits.
If you have network issues, the Roon Remote is useless.

No pattern to the disconnects. At least twice a day I get disconnected/ I have hard wired everything/ Only pattern is the disconnects are consecutive, one right after the other anywhere from one to three times in a row then works fine.

Does this occur while playing local files, with streaming from the internet or both?

This occurs when playing anything streaming, Local, Tidal, Qobuz, and Roon Radio etc. I use a Nucleus Plus, my endpoint is a LINN SELEKT DSM, all hard wired. It’s important to note when these disconnects occur I immediatley check for connectivity to other sources and all is well with them so I am leaning to not blaming my ISP as all other sources remain connected. I will switch over to the LINN KAZOO app when these occur and it will function without fault.

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So it may well be possible that the Nucleus is causing the disconnects.
I take it that when you switch to the Linn equipment, you are bypassing the Nucleus?!

I may be wrong but I think an increasing number of people are having these issues lately.
I am one of them. I have been looking at this forum a lot more lately and as I say my impression is that these issues are increasing.

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Do you have a Nucleus as well or are you using some other hardware to run the Core?
Just because a lot of people report to have issues, does not mean the cause is the same.

Hi Peter if the question was aimed at me , yes I have the Nucleus . I decided to go for this as thought I would have done everything I can to make streaming more reliable

The Nucleus is not at the least bit at fault. This issue has been with me right from the start and all all of the 4 cores I’ve tried including the Small Green Computer which I returned. My LINN is the endpoint for all of my music and yes when I use the LINN KAZOO app it does bypass the Nucleus.

I have complained and been in contact with support for many months regarding this, I have done all of the testing and adjusting they have asked with no positive results.

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So all hardware and networking is rock solid…
This means that the only thing that could be wrong is the software itself, or something related to the software installation.
Just a long shot, did you use a backup from one to restore on the other?

No this is the original install, however I have restarted the program more than several times at the request from support with the same results. I also at supports request tried a back up as well with no improvement so I am somewhat certain after exhausting all suggestions it’s a bug within the program.

I have found that if I play vinyl through my LINN DSM and then switch over to using Roon the music plays for maybe one track and then stops. If I reboot the LINN DSM and play same thing again, everything is fine and plays normally.
This has only really started recently but suspect it is a LINN firmware issue rather than Roon.
Although if I use LINN app to play music from my library it works fine after playing vinyl.

Exactly what I’m getting. Mine will disconnect 2 to 3 times play for minute or two then come back when I stream.
Is Linn aware of this?

I have the same phenomenon with my Linn Klimax DSM. Roon reached out to Linn, see link below.

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