1.8 upgrade, issues, and power outage

I needed a few days following the update to explore and absorb the 1.8 experience. It’s running on a NUC8I7BEH/Rock server with Windows 10, IPAD 12.9, and Android remotes.

The startup/access time has improved and the interface response seems faster overall. The new interface does take some getting used to but I’m getting there. I like scrolling down below the album/tracks playing and finding the Selected discography for the artist with recommendations and similar too sections.

The only issue I found with 1.8 upgrade, to this point, was with the ELAC Z3 zone for the kitchen. The device configuration has had fixed volume in the setup and had been working fine since it was added in 2019. When I grouped it in with another zone it startup up with full volume. That has not happened before with this Ethernet connected device. I changed the setting to device volume to avoid future issues but thought Roon should be aware that this happened with the upgrade.

Then the power went out. We’ve seen the news reports of rolling power outages here in Texas with the unusual cold spell covering the state. Currently down in the single digits. This weather is expected to last for a a few more days. Seems to be 4 hours with power and then 4 to 5 hours without power.

Our backup generator system kicked in and provided all the comforts of home, and the 240 volt 30 amp heaters in the greenhouse and garage keeps the temperature there above freezing. We had planned for the power outages but not the cable and internet going out with it. Apparently that service provider does not have power backups.

Roon keeps on trucking during the power outages, without internet access, using the Windows 10 remote with Focus and radio function set to my library. Obviously the discography, recommendations and similar sections were missing.

But the IPAD 12.9 IOS remote does not work, with internal WiFI or Ethernet. It does start and displays the recent activity section then locks up with the Roon Icon solid, not pulsing. The Android phone has the same issue. The windows 10 remote pauses after the recent activity section then continues on without the missing features.

That got me to thinking about Roon needing to check in periodically for subscription verification. How does that work? If one has lifetime subscription does the software bypass the verification and continue working when the internet is out of commission?

No, it still needs to phone home every 30 days or so.