10 foot UI Like JRiver

I’m looking to switch from JRiver to Roon. Like Jriver, are the following features available in Roon?

  1. A 10 ft UI that can be controlled by a Logitech Harmony remote/hub combo running FLICR on the end-point HTPC?
  2. Slide show of personal JPG files?
  3. Ability to show custom IPCT metadata tags super-imposed into the slide show like title, caption, camera, lens, aperture, ISO etc using some font formatting?
  4. Endpoint that can be controller by the app or the endpoint remote like JRemote and JRiver can?

Couple of key points (reason for wanting the above)

  1. I’m an avid wildlife, nature and travel photographer and being able to do the slide show things is an important feature. I guess i could just use JRIVER for the slideshow feature and Roon on the same end-point controlled by the app… but that mean i need the Logitech Remote as well as the app… one too many control devices
  2. The Logitech remote controls everything… one device… i.e. switching inputs; Phono/TV/Digital Music as well as lights through Logitech–>HomeBridge–>Homekit, and turning on and off individual wholehouse audio speakers Logitect–>HomeBridge–>HTD Controller


Roon does not manage images or do slideshows. The control UI is on devices (iPad, iPhone, tablets, laptops), not on TV unless you cast somehow. JRiver seems a better fit for you…

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I use both ! JRiver 9 years, Roon 4 years

Roon is music only, Roon and JRiver do similar jobs on music but in VERY different ways.

Roon has no custom views, no video, no Images , no 10 ft screen (display works through TV but is quite static, not like rotating images on JRiver Theatre View. Certainly no images tags

It has a similar Server - End Point - Control app architecture as JRiver but using its own protocol RAAT, not DLNA as in JRiver, you must check carefully that your end points are compatible, they may well not be if you currently run DLNA through JRiver

But it does have a slicker interface

Maybe try the 2 week trial and a couple of single months st $12.99 to get a feel