100% Bryston ( Player, DAC, Pre-Amp, Power Amp & Speakers)

Hello all,

I am currently sporting an all Bryston System.

  1. BDP-3
  2. BDA
  3. BP-17Cubed Pre-Amp
  4. 4B Cubed Power Amp &
  5. Bryston Middle T’s

Can someone please suggest the " best " way to interconnect these components. LOVE the system !!! Best 30K iv’e ever spent. Just want to make sure i am getting the best out of the system. Any and all suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated.



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Hi Jaymie,

Welcome to the community and congrats on the kick butt audio system.

I’m not an expert and others will probably be along to offer suggestions, but here’s a start.

In to the BDP-3, and to use Roon Ready, make sure you connect via ethernet, if at all possible. Wifi will work, if you have a strong connection but ethernet is better. Out to the BDA DAC, you probably want USB. According to the BDA manual page 5, the highest rates supported for PCM and DSD are via USB.

From the BDA to the BP-17 cubed and then on to the 4B amp, I like balanced cables.

Cheers, Greg

First thing to do would be chop the BDA/BDP/BP17 in for a BR20


Which BDA model? I have two BDP-2s with IAD. They integrate well with Roon. You should tinker with AES/ EBU, BNC SPDIF and USB. What sounds best to you is what matters.

My preference is AES/EBU in one system, and BNC SPDIF in the other. Comes down to the DAC capability in my case.

Your Roon integration with the BDP-3 will be via ethernet CAT cable connection.

BDA-3 is the DAC model number

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WOW !!! That thing looks awesome. Thanks

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I don’t think Bryston has gotten the BR-20 Roon certified yet, although I’m sure they will, eventually.

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Good day, question for all you gentlemen here. I am very interested in the BR 20 because it, at least on paper, suits my needs perfectly with HDMI inputs for a SACD player and gobs of other options in terms of inputs and a DAC to boot. The price made me pause though. For what it offers it’s extremely inexpensive. Other preamps with DACs are three times the money and not as flexible as this one. For me it boils down to sound quality as I’m sure for all of us. Is it going to sound as good as the big names from Dan D’Agostino, Mark Levinson or SIM audio? Opinions very welcome. Thank you

If timing is a consideration, note that I’ve been waiting for my BR-20 from Bryston for 8 weeks. I don’t currently know when it will arrive.

Been waiting for my BR-20 since April 3rd! I was told by Bryston that they should be able to catch up with all the back orders by the end of October. Fingers crossed!