1001 songs you must hear before you die

(James O'Brien) #1

I’m going through the latest edition (2017), of this great thick book. Listening to everytrack and creating a fantastic playlist of old friends I haven’t heard in decades plus other new to me tracks. Many of them now available in MQA if that’s your thing, thanks to tidal. May take me a few weeks to finish but really worth it.I highly recommend this book.

(Lloyd Borrett) #2

A link, or ever better, ISBN number would be helpful. I keep finding earlier editions.


Albums version :


(James O'Brien) #4

Hi Lloyd. I’m having difficulties uploading images at present for some reason.The isbn no. is 978 1 76052 303 9.

(Martin Webster) #5

I have the 2005 edition–that’s one way I used to discover music. Read a review, add to my list and visit record shops, markets or eBay for a used copy. So much easier with Roon and TIDAL!

I’d be interesting to see what’s been dropped in the last decade to keep the total to 1001. I always thought the publishers missed a trick: a yearly update subscription rather than buying the whole tome every year.


Agreed! They’d make money from me for both music and movies…

(Jason Phillips) #7

Hi James!

Did you ever finish putting together this TIDAL playlist? Do you have a link to your playlist to share the love? :smile:


(James O'Brien) #8

Hi Jason,
Yep. I’m away from home at present, but ended up with a playlist of 400+ from the initial 1000 songs. I will take a look and see if I can figure out how to make it available when I return home.

(Philip Murray) #9

Hi, I’m confused (easily done). Is this 1001 songs or 1001 albums? Thanks.

(James O'Brien) #10

1001 songs.

(James O'Brien) #11

I have no idea how to share my roon playlist??? Any suggestions?

(Philip Murray) #12

Ta. I had better get cracking and start listening to them in the car. Shame I stopped operating or I could have listened to them in Theatre (OR).

(Ged) #13

I think you can create a Tidal playlist and share that.
There is an existing spotify playlist or two though of a previous version of the book - I will have a go with soundiiz to move it to Tidal and share that, maybe tonight.

(James O'Brien) #14

I guess if that means manually creating another 400 song tidal playlist it’s not going to happen. I thought there may be a way of copyng my roon playlist.

(Ged) #15

This is the playlist i found on Spotify then converted to Tidal
I don’t know which version of the book this relates to
There were only 982 tracks to start with
61 tracks weren’t converted
In the past I have found Soundiiz will pick a karaoke version of a track if the real thing isn’t in Tidal
921 Tracks in Playlist
Other than that it should be fine :slight_smile:

(James O'Brien) #16

Thanks Ged,
I’ll take a look.

(Brian) #17

Scanning through the list, I find the first few hundred fine, some furrowed brows midway, and definitely feeling my age towards the end.

I wonder though, how many of the last 200 would still appear on a list in 20 years time compared to the first 200?

Interesting anyway, and thank you.


(Ged) #18

As has ever been the way with popular music of all ages.
i had a go using Soundiiz to put them in Qobuz - Soundiiz does not get on well with Qobuz. Skipped 140 more tracks down to 788.
Same when i tried to convert my 3000 Starred tracks from spotify - tidal lost 150 - Qobuz 499. Some of those genuinely aren’t in Qobuz but lots were just misses on conversion.

(Paul) #19

Thanks for the link, there’s a few days listening about to start :+1:t4: