1355 and 1356 Release Notes - Application list under Build Numbers?

Hello @vova,
This is fairly trivial, but I wanted to point out that the listed Applications under Build Numbers in the release notes could cause minor confusion. At least it did for me. For reference, this is from the 1355 release notes:


I have a nucleus+, so when 1355 first came out I was uncertain if there was actually an EA update for the nucleus+. I do not relate Roon Desktop to the Server running on the nucleus+.

Despite my slight uncertainty, I put the nucleus+ on EA and it did indeed update to 1355, and now 1356. Perhaps ‘Roon Server (Linux / Nucleus)’ or something similar should also be listed in the Application list?

(Roon 1356 / ARC 223 is working very well for me on Android 14. Thanks!)