2.0 and a 1.8 Roon server


I upgraded to Roon 2.0 and it seems fine. I use ARC in the car.

However I want to have a Roon server in a location where internet can be best described as ‘patchy’ So I was considering a Roon 1.8 server and a duplicate external hard drive with my music on.

Previously I took my NUC to the other location, but I understand 2.0 needs continuous internet.

Can I do this?

I believe you can install 1.8 Legacy on the second machine as the Core, and on the remotes as well for accessing it. Though note that when using either, all components (core, remotes) must be the same version (can’t mix). Not sure how to ensure this or what happens if you start the wrong remote app.

With a single Roon license, you will in any case have to de-authorize one core and authorize the other as needed. Note that the databases will be separate and over time will get out of sync unless you transfer backups.

If you don’t use Rock on the NUC but a separate OS, you might be able to install both 1.8 Legacy and 2.0 on the same machine. Not sure though

I tried this this afternoon, i.e. both versions on the same machine. It seems to work but I haven’t tested beyond the basics.

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As a follow-up. This definitely works. I’ve set up 1.8 (both RoonServer and the full Roon app for access) and can happily play music when both are prevented from anything other than LAN access. Also, the iOS app (running version 2.0 early access) can still control the core, so there doesn’t seem to be a need to downgrade the remote apps. I’m not going to test any further - as I have no real need for v1.8 at the moment - but it might come in handy at some point.

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So to recap. I could install Roon 1.8 and 2.0 on say a Mac mini, and take that on my trips?

You wouldn’t run 2.0 early access apps, in order to use 1.8…

You’d have a 1.8 Legacy Core, and you’d download the 1.8 Legacy apps for iOS.

I have a spare ROCK, and this was downgraded to 1.8 Legacy. I then made sure I had all the 1.8 Legacy apps downloaded and installed so I can switch over to them.

All one has to do is deauthorise the computer they’re not using when requested. It’s a nice way to have a backup.


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