2.0 Roon Arc download

Solved; had to update both the Core/Nucleus and my Roon Remote first. I tend to not read directions. It looks beautiful.

All I had to do was update my Roon Core AND update my Roon Remote. It looks brilliant. Found the Core right away. SOLVED.

Sadly, I’ve got router issues now. Apps are bricked as well. On remote, despite core being upgraded to 2, my app still says 1.8 and says Time for an upgrade, but I can’t. This is not good.

Yes, ok. Roon Version 2.0 Checking for an update… So how long does this take? Been twenty minutes. Anyway, have to go to work now. Annoying

Same experience here for Apple Mac Mini M1 …you need to restart Roon and the activity monitor goes from Intel to Apple native. Yippee.

Has anyone a recipe how to download music in Roon Arc ?

" …Has anyone a recipe how to download in Roon Arc ?"

Yes…search for Roon Arc not just Roon.

Yep it’s now Mac silicon native (and very fast)

Found out. Not intuitive. I thought I could download from streaming services. Don’t think so.

Actually it’s only possible with albums.

You have to have it in your local library (not streamed)

I spoke too soon; it now works BEAUTIFULLY on my iPhone. But only my iPhone. My Roon Remote controller now loops into “update to latest version; checking for latest version,” then telling me I HAVE the latest version and doesn’t work as a remote anymore. I.e.,: I can’t play Roon through my home stereo anymore, only on my phone. Wowzer.

Wow, flawless and fast upgrade. ARC didn’t work with autoconfigure so I manually added a port forwarding rule and works like a champ. Thank you, this is a fantastic release and makes me thankful to be an early Roon Lifetime Subscriber. Kudos to Roon staff.

Not correct. I can play tracks that I don’t own so that requires Qobuz access. It’s seamless, just like Roon core seamlessly incorporates Qobuz.

OK, I got it. It’s the user interface which is different, but we can stream music from Qobuz.

Hi all, Any news on Roon 2.0 core for QNAP? There is no update option.

Ah , so all you need to do is uninstall the old one and reinstall it. The reinstallation will automatically pull down core 2.0

Fantastic…Well done ROON team!