2 cores, 2 subscription and 1 library

I have 2 cores on 2 different locations with 2 subscriptions. I move frequently between the 2 locations. How do i create 1 and the same library for the 2 cores?

If your Cores are in different locations then you’ll have to physically move (at least once) the library from Core to Core location via a backup/restore. Are your music files replicated in both locations?

BTW - If you don’t want to use the Cores in the two different locations simultaneously then you don’t need two licenses. Or worry about moving the Roon library.

Thx Slim, the 2 cores need to operate simultaneously. You recommend to back up / restore with a usb drive? I have on both locations music on ssd. Identical files. However Tidal album additions are different and dependant of the locacation. Not very conveniant.

Hmm, if you don’t want to migrate any tags, playlists or other changes of that type from one location to the next then you don’t need a backup/restore at all, but that’s probably not the case.

So any changes you make to your local music files, i.e. tags, playlists, etc, with have to be migrated with a backup/restore between locations. Don’t know how big your library is, but a large thumb drive is probably enough.

One the other hand, if you’re just worried about picking up new music files then you could just copy the files and do a rescan at the other location. That way, you wouldn’t screw up any Tidal selections in your different libraries.

Of course, different Tidal albums will be a problem in any restore as a restore from location A will wipe out the Tidal files in location B.

Maybe @support has a different solution.

I’m not 100% sure, but I think that if you backup the database and restore it in the other environment, your Tidal preferences/favorites are restored.

That sounds as though you also have two TIDAL accounts? Because if you have a single TIDAL account used in both of your Cores, then adding TIDAL albums to your library at one location should also be reflected in the library at the other location… This is certainly the case for my Qobuz account.

Edit: thinking about it though, it may be caused by the fact that you have two Roon accounts. I have multiple Cores, but only one Roon account, and streaming additions are reflected automatically…

I read it as there are different albums in each location. However it got that way.

If so, then that could only be because of different Tidal accounts, no?

In such a case, back/restore won’t work for him as it will wipe the Tidal picks in one location with the Tidal picks in another location.

Problem solved! Don’t ask me how. I don’t know. Or I made a mistake or there is a time lag between syncing the 2 cores. I will do some more test to be sure. Anyway, thanks for your comments and ideas.
I will reply to your questions below.
Case closed.

Yes i did have. Makes sense that when having 2 different Tidal accounts you also will have 2 different libraries. Because of that 1 returned to 1 Tidal account. However that improvement was already done before i asked the question on this forum.

Yes, I have 2 Roon accounts but both with the same email log in. When opened up my 2nd Roon account for the 2nd location I asked Roon to use the same account id. That was no problem.