2 cores, one Mac, one Windows

Hi all. Total noob here. Can I have more than one core? I’d like to add one at work. If so, there’s another wrinkle - Mac at home, but Windows at work. Can it be done? TIA.

Hi total noob.
You can have multiple cores but only one active at any time. The trick is to synching any changes you make from one core to the other (if you care about that.)

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As @ged_hickman1 indicated above, this is not a problem. You can only have one core active at a time.

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I believe the restriction is that you can only have one core per license active at a time. If you only buy one, then every time you try to activate an inactive Core, you’ll be prompted to deactivate the active one. Not a big deal. I have two Cores at home (one Mac, one Linux, but usually use the Linux).

Cool, thanks all! And using it on my office Windows desktop shouldn’t be an issue then, yes…?

When you log in to the Windows core you will need to log off the imac core. Both my machines are on the same network, so remote log may be different. Try it.

Thank you.

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