2 different albums being grouped as 1 [Solved using Fix Track Grouping]


This is driving me insane.

I have an album that has correct meta data and are in their own file. One album name is The 20/20 Experience and the other the same but with part 2 in the name. Roon thinks these albums are the same and when I research for the album I can see both parts but can only label both parts one or the other and not separately as its supposed to be.

Will this be fixed outside of me messing around in Roon settings? I know my metadata is correct as I have checked it all with mp3 tagger.




Hi, @Paul_Whittaker, you can change import settings for a single album:

Go to the Album Editor -> Metadata Preferences and tell Roon to read metadata from your files instead of grabbing them from our Database.

Or you can change the import settings in general:

Settings -> Library -> Import Settings and tell Roon to use your metadata every time you import new content into your Library.

You can find more info here.



If I use my own database and not your meta data I wont get the rich information on the artist etc will I? Thats one of my reasons for using Roon.

When I try use my own meta data it still doesn’t split the 2 albums apart as it should.

I dont understand why Roon does this as Roon is able to see both albums when I search but it labes them as 1 and not both parts as their own.

What do you suggest I do?



Hi Paul,

You can use Roon’s Fix Track Grouping feature to separate the albums.

Select the album, click the 3 dots menu and click Edit. From there click Fix Track Grouping.

In the right hand column, select all tracks from one of the albums. Then click Remove Tracks, which will remove the selected tracks from the album you are editing, don’t worry it won’t remove the tracks from your library.

You should then see, at the bottom right of the window, Create 1 album with ## Tracks. This album should match one of the two merged albums that you’re trying to separate. Click Create Album.

You should now have 2 separate albums and hopefully Roon has automatically identified them correctly.

Cheers, Greg

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YES!! Roon saves the day again. Thanks this is now sorted.

And get off this site and enjoy your xmas!

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