2 Qobuz accounts on Roon?

Can I have 2 Qobuz accounts on Roon — one for my son and one for me?

No only one.

I’m assuming from your question that you would like a separate library for you and your son. If that is a correct assumption, there are several ways to accomplish this. Just let us know if that’s what you really want to do.

David, Thanks for the response. Yes I would like to create a separate library for other users — son and wife.

I don’t do it that way, but from what I’ve read there are generally two ways to do this. Easiest is to tag the albums you want for each persons library, then using Focus select the albums for each tag and bookmark that tag. So you’ll have a Wesley’s Music bookmark, a Wesley’s Son’s Music bookmark, and a Wesley’s Wife’s Music bookmark. When your son or wife wants their music, simply open the bookmark and the library will be restricted to their albums. When you add an album just remember to tag as appropriate and the album will be added to the bookmark. Also you can have an album tagged with more than one user so it will show up in both or all libraries.

The harder way is to put each person’s albums in a separate folder. So you have Wesley_Folder, Son_Folder and Wife_Folder. Select or deselect the folder to be watched in Settings/Storage. Note this doesn’t work for streamed music, but the first method does.

Currently Roon doesn’t allow for separate user profiles. It’s a feature that’s been requested and may or may not be included in future updates. I don’t think it’s on their “roadmap”.

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Sorry for not getting back earlier to thank you for your advice.



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