2 SSD cards in a Nucleus

How I can install 2 SSD cards in a Nucleus?

Don’t think you can, 2nd drive would need to be external.

If you can make it fit inside somehow then a “iitrust USB 3.0 to SATA Adapter Cable for 2.5" “ from Amazon should work OK. There are unused USB3 ports inside a Nucleus. I presume they are not disabled in bios.

I drilled a second set of holes below the supplied drive holes on the “L” brackets about 3/8” to 1/2” below the original holes which gives you 1/8” of extra space between SSD Drives and below the lower drive for cooling. Use a file rasp to take off the drill shards in the new holes before reinstalling. The drill shards can short out your system so make sure your new holes are really clean before installing drives and the “L” brackets. Using a SATA to USB adapter and a 90 degree angular USB adapter bought on Amazon to plug in the second of two Micron Ion 8tb drives for a total storage of 16,000 albums. Each drive is separately identified, one as Internal Storage and the second as a USB device. No problems with accessing all the albums. I also added 4 Shakti On-Line Airs around and under (near the USB PORTS) the i-7 board which greatly improved sound quality as well as an Audioquest FMJ Jitterbug plugged into the second internal USB port using another 90 degree angular adapter (you get one right and one left facing 90 degree adapters in the Amazon package). I also use a second Audioquest FMJ Jitterbug on one of the external USB ports. I live 1/2 block from High Tension Power Lines so these tweaks do help the signal quality and therefore the sound clarity of my system.