2 SSD’s necessary?

I bought a new NUC, I installed the software on a older (slower) Samsung EVO750 SSD (because I didn’t bought a 250 Gb M.2 42 mm SSD) and my music on a faster 4 TB M.2 80 mm SSD. Because the M.2 SDD is faster I wonder of it is smarter to start over again and install the software, database and the music on the 4 TB M.2 SSD. What do you advise?

Plenty of people run Roon on hard disks still without issues.
I would look at the performance and whether you’re happy with it.
I have a NUC and my music is on a separate HD based NAS in the house, no issues at all and on paper my setup will be below the spec of yours easily.

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I would leave it alone.

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Just to clarify here, only the OS (ROCK) can be on the “bootable” main drive.
The Music files cannot be on the same drive as the OS (ROCK).
You would either need two drives in the NUC or an external drive/network drive for the music.

So the OS can go on a smaller drive and the music on the larger drive.
The performance will depend on the size of your library and how much DSP you are doing.
Memory comes in to play here, also. 8 Gig would be minimum, but I would recommend 16 Gig using 2 x 8 Gig cards for dual channel operation.

Also, the back-up of the DB cannot be in a “watched” folder as that causes issues.

BEWARE – The OS takes up a few Gb on the boot drive BUT takes the WHOLE boot drive, so if you put the M.2 4Tb in the boot M.2 slot you will effectively lose any capacity left on the 4Tb drive. Not a good idea.

It’s why a 128 or 256 Gb is recommended for the OS disc as it hogs the entire drive

As others have mentioned, you can’t do what with Rock. However, if you loaded Linux or Windows you could.

Are you having speed issue problems? If not, leave well enough alone.

My Roon Server is installed on my good old 2014 Mac mini.

My music collection is stored on its internal 1 tb hard drive. So no SSD.

The OS, Linux Mint in my case, is running from a 250 gb Samsung EVO 750 SSD. Which is connected to one of the USB 3.0 ports of the Mac by using an enclosure.

With a 40k library it works very well.