2 Tidal Issues: Unable to Change Streaming Quality And Tidal Favs Show in My Collection

I have two issues with Roon and Tidal right now and request assistance.

1 - Roon does not allow you to change the streaming quality of Tidal like you can in the Tidal app. This has come to surface for my vacation place which has a DSL128K connection and no cell service. Tidal can be set to lower quality and I can hear music just fine. I also brought a copy of my Database and music collection and ran my own Roon server there, however it barfed when it ran into Tidal tracks because of this lack of setting ability.

2 - Why does Roon suddenly add songs that I’ve added to my Tidal favorites to my collection? I have songs that are in my collection twice now and it’s messing up my collection – this is because I own the CD’s and have the files on my Roon server. I keep them in my Tidal favorites so I can listen to them wherever I am and iTunes is a real pain in the butt so I just use Tidal rather than copying everything over to my phone when I’m on the go (I have an unlimited data plan and stream Tidal from my phone all the time). This seems to be something new or perhaps a bug even that has just popped up.

Thanks for any advice or suggestions or fixes.

So nothing even on item #2 ?? I can’t be the only person that has this problem. Everything that’s a favorite in Tidal shows up on my Roon collection.

for 1. I would use the “focus” feature to only play my own tracks when ever Tidal is having issues with my connection.You can make a bookmark for Tidal and/or your local collection and then be able to switch back and forth between them easily. Go to Inspectgor/storage locations and you should see something like this:

for 2. check in settings/general and see if :“show hidden tracks and albums” is turned on, if so, try turning it of, it will hide anything that roon flagged as a duplicate.