2 Way propagation between Roon and Qobuz/Tidal

I know this may sound similar to some other feature requests. It seems to me it should be feasible though.

Roon has the really cool feature that a particular “work” (song/composition) can be searched for and the results returned from your library, Qobuz and Tidal. If I select the Qobuz results of that search I can play them in sequence. I can also save this Qobuz result as a playlist within Roon.

What I’d like to see, is this same playlist showing up automatically in Qobuz.

Similarly if I favorite a Qobuz album in Roon I’d like to see it show up as a favorite in Qobuz.

I can understand this would be challenging if the Roon playlist contained tracks from a mixture of local files as well as Qobuz and/or Tidal. I feel this should be able to work between a single streaming service and Roon though. (Either Qobuz or Tidal depending on what is chosen from the search results in Roon and subsequently added as a playlist or favorited in Roon).

It’s not always practical to play these Roon created entities in Roon itself; e.g. when in the car; etc. So if they showed up, in say the Qobuz app, that would be very cool.

Thanks for considering it.