218 Controller dissappeared in Roon

Good morning,

I used to have a Meridian MD600 and 218 Controller connected to my Mac via powerline. Everything was ok until the internet provider changed my router for a new one.

Since then I can not see the 218 in Roon, but I continue seeing it and playing music using the Soolos web browser (ControlMac is not longer supported).

Some ideas to fix this issue ???


Have you got a switch between your new router and the power line thing
If you do a temporary connect via a cat 5 cable, can you see the 218

Thanks Chris for your answer.

I just introduced a switch between the new router and the powerline (Cat 5 cable), but I continue without seeing the 218.


What about if you bring the 218 close to the switch and use cat 5 as a test.

My original configuration was as follows:

Router + Powerline + Switch + connexions to 218, MD600 and 861.V6. Everything working fine.

The distance between my Router and Meridian equipment is about 10 meters.
If I bring the 218 close to the router, even with the switch in between, I can’t connect it to the Meridian equipment, so I can’t test.

Thanks for your help.


I mean, just connect it to the router and see if you can see it in Roon. If you can, it may point towards the power line. Have you re booted your power lines? Always worth a go.

Thank you Chris.
I will try the two things.

No results.
I think the problem is with the router

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