218 firmware update?

I have just bought a used 218 and it is running a Version 1.0 Build 185 firmware. I know a newer one exists. What I found out is that the Meridian Control software should automatically update. I have it on my Android phone and it does not. How do you get it updated?

Is there a chance that after the update it is Roon Ready instead of Roon Tested?

No, the 218 is not Roon Ready.

Cool, thanks joel, I guess FW update is not that important then since everything seems to be working fine with the older one as well.

Hi Mika, the 218 is ROON ready with the older firmware installed but you will not get automatic Firmware updates with the Version 1.0 Build 185 firmware.

Email me at [moderated] and I will fix you up. The subsequent firmware upgrade will add an extra setting in the Meridian Control App. You will have the section “Works with SONOS” and you just choose the COAX input (Better choice) or the SPDIF (optical) input depending on how you connected the original Connect or Amp (16Bit) that uses the SONOS S1 App or the Gen 2 Connect and Amp (24Bit) which uses the S2 App as do the new black PORT and AMP (24Bit). This adds the Bluetooth feature of the Meridian 210 to the 218.

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Hello @Steven_Marinoff - I’ve removed your email address from your message. It can be harvested by spambots in a public forum like this.

You can contact @mika_tuomi using the Private Message function of the forum.

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That is great, thank you so much for helping me! Waiting for you private message.

Hi Mika, send me an email address and I will send you what you need.

Cheers Steve

Hi Mika, send me your email and I will reply back with the my email address.

How do I make a private message ?

tap his avatar, then select “Message” in pop up