22kHz lo-res album playback for premium HiFi account?

I just signed up this past weekend (not trial period) for the premium HiFi account and I’ve noticed a lot of the albums I select to play are AAC 22kHz ultra lo-res versions. I can’t seem to find out how to address it to TIDAL directly, so thought I’d ask here. I kinda feel they are dropping the ball when charging a premium (double the price)… unfortunately it’s just not 1 or 2 albums I’ve played but more like 50/50 if it will be a lossless version of the album. I would like to get feedback from TIDAL about this and if/when they plan of supplying lossless for their complete library or will it always be a crapshoot whether it’s AAC 22kHz or FLAC. Attached is a screen capture, very surprised TIDAL has an artist like Daniel Lanois available in ultra lo-res lossy quality.

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did you subscribe first and then add the account in roon? i did it the other way around first and had the same issue. disconnecting the tidal-account in roon and then reconnecting improved things considerably, although I did come across the occasional 22k album. The tidal player in Google Chrome played the 44k flac stream for the exact same albums, btw. So it’s not like they don’t have the albums in higher resolution which wouldn’t make much sense anyway. Seems to be more of a deliberate throttling done on tidal’s side, i’d say.

Thanks @chr. As of now, I’ve cancelled my TIDAL subscription. Not just because of this issue (but it didn’t help). I already have a very large personal library of CD rips and 24bit Hi-Res downloads of approx. 7200+ albums, but thought I’d try TIDAL and see how I liked it in the Roon software and because my musical tastes are more often less mainstream than not, I thought maybe I could fill in gaps from my personal collection, but found it difficult because there is no search by genre function (which would help immensely)… But the main reason comes from me being old school and liking to own my collection be it vinyl, CD or digital files and not having to basically be renting albums forever.