24/48 and 24/192 music on Tidal / Roon

It is my understanding that roon/tidal is now streaming 24/48 and 24/192 music. How can I search for and find this type of music on Roon/TIDAL.

Go to Tidal desktop app. What’s New, scroll down, Albums and select Master. View all.
Then add what you wish to Roon by saving as favourite. On the next re sync it will show up. Or force a re sync.
Tidal decodes MQA to 96K Max.
Roon does not decode MQA yet.

Is now everything listed in that What’s New/Master section? I thought it was incomplete.


That’s just a start point. I don’t expect it’s complete. I hope it just grows.


I have a pretty complete list of masters available in Sweden from a few days ago.

No idea of timeframe as it’s just gone live.

roon software decoder is probably some time away and I prefer roon so I expect to transmit MQA to my DAC.

This is possible as far as I understand it but I could be wrong.

When is Roon going to allow us to access ‘masters’ in tidal

You can access it today, play with full decoding.
You can’t find it, have to use Tidal plus the Favotites trick (or trial and error).
You can’t decode in software, need hardware (starting around $200).
Both finding and decoding in Roon will come, eat some point.

Thanks Chris, I followed your instructions and got as far as “albums”. When I pressed albums all I got was several albums and no master category. Can you help me further. ( i’m doing this on my iPhone)
Also on tidal I have set my streaming and download quality to “hi-fi”. is this correct?
I’m assuming that I can’t play the hi Rez/mqa music from tidal directly without roon. If this is correct how soon will roon be decoding mqa

your answer seems to conflict somewhat with Chris’s answer of about 21 hours ago. How do you play the favorites trick.

MQA isn’t visible from the iPhone app yet.

The only method to see MQA releases is from the desktop Tidal apps. You can then favorite those albums from the Tidal desktop app and they will eventually get synced to Roon.

The favorites trick is what Cris describes.

  1. Tidal desktop app in windows or mac.
  2. What’s New, Albums, Masters, Show All
  3. Point to an album in the list, and click the star that appears, making it a favorite. Or click on an album to go to it, and click on the star.

Such a favorite album shows up in Roon after a while.
To force an immediate sync, in Roon, click on Settings, Services, Tidal Edit, Sync Library Now.

I cannot see ‘masters’ on any of my Apple devices… i am not a techie so am i being really dumb.

I am using a Mac mini as a server into a PS Audio Perfectwave Direct stream DAC via the bridge 2

The Tidal app needs to run on a Mac or Windows, not an iPad.
“Apple product” is not enough.

This is a current Tidal limitation, not a fundamental MQA limitation.

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I tried tidal app on my iMac -went to albums but could not find “masters”
Where is it?

I went to the tidal app on my iMac . Pulled up “albums” but could not find “masters”
Where is it?

Whats New > Albums > Masters

You need a hifi subscription, and to have turned on the hifi/masters in Settings I believe.

Chris, just checking on your comment that Tidal Masters MQA stream is limited to 96K. I am using the Tidal software on Windows 10 Prof with Meridian Explorer2. I have been listening to all of the Tidal Masters albums one by one (have completed about 20 so far) to test MQA. Most have been as you stated 96K or below (Meridian DAC shows one or two lights). However, a few have shown on the Meridian DAC with all three lights on as 176K/192K. If Tidal is limiting to 96K max, how is this possible?

That’s easy. The file is folded down to 44/24 or 48/24 from whatever it’s original resolution was.
The Tidal App can ONLY unfold to 96/24.
The Explorer2 can unfold to 192/24
It the original file was 88/24, that’s all you will get. With the MQA de Blurring.
I hope that makes sense in a simple way.
The final test is your ears…