250k Albums on Nucleus+? (correction: 25k)

I have database of close to 250k albums (and growing), stored on a number of external drives, and connected to my laptop running JRiver through a USB hub. I’m considering migrating to Nucleus+.

Will Nucleus+ accept multiple drives through a USB hub, or will I have to transfer the files to a NAS drive and use the Ethernet connection?

Will Roon accommodate that many albums?

Is the Nucleus+ up to handling that many albums?

IMO, I think it would be safer to build a little beefier Roon Core server. 250K albums is huge.

Thanks. What constitutes beefier — are we talking CPU, disk, RAM or all three?

@Colin_Green1 250k albums or tracks?

Albums I’m afraid.

Wow, that really is a huge library, can Roon deal that many and keep the system usable?

That would be the largest collection of any Roon member, by a lot.

You will want to build a custom box for that collection.

What are you using for it now? Where are you storing it? What are you rendering audio with? How many zones?

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Holy moly. Over 2 million tracks?

I think you can scratch the idea I sent you via PM and just talk direct to @danny and @brian :grin:

How long do you plan on living, @Colin_Green1? :smile:

250000 Albums X 10 Tracks/Album (avg) X 4 Min/Track = 10,000,000 Minutes / 60 Min/Hr / 16 Waking Hrs./Day / 365 Days/Yr = 28.5 Years of Listening.

Get busy.

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Sincere apologies, I meant 25k albums.

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@Colin_Green1 Ah 25,000 albums welcome back to the real world :grinning:, I have a similar size library and run a NUC7i7BNH with 16gb memory and M.2 SSD running ROCK os, the music is on three usb drives connected directly to the NUC and it runs perfectly.

Thanks. Presumably, the drives are attached to a USB hunt, which is connected to the NUS

No, direct the NUC7I7BNH has four USB ports.

I have four USB drives and I’d need a USB 2.0 port for my DAC. Would a USB hub work, or be undesirable?

Should work fine although I have never tried it, it might be worth considering an Allo USbridge which would allow you to site the NUC and drives away from the listening room, the USbridge gives you network in and USB out which would connect to your dac, it would also eliminate the need for a Usb hub.

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Personally I would steer clear of USB hubs for Hard Disk connectivity…fine for a mouse or keyboard…a USB stick or flash drive maybe.

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Yes I agree with @wizardofoz, getting your music on a NAS with Raid and redundant drives along with offsite backups would be of more importance to me then getting Roon up and running. Roon is useless if you start losing the music on those drives of yours.

Personally I use Crashplan for offsite backups.

No reason not to have usb drives connected to the NUC, I back up to a NAS and have an off-site copy but that was not the op’s question.

I think advising someone not to put their collection of music at risk (at least they haven’t confirmed any backups are being done anywhere) with a risky hardware setup regardless they have proposed is important to flag.

We have heard the story here all to often of how one has lost everything when one least expected it.

I already recommended a beefier server to the OP back a few posts, my recommendation doesn’t change with only 25k albums, now I’m recommending better storage and backups as well.