2560x1600 screen resolution too small?


Today I accidentally removed the roon Remote app from my Huawei MediaPad M5 tablet. After reinstalling I get the message that screen resolution is too small and that maximising of full screen are the only options. In these modes screen does not look as good as before (less albums on one page). Screen resolution on the tablet is 2560x1600 and it used to be enough. What should I do to remedy this?

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There is probably a scale setting that you can change.

Many thanks for your help! Unfortunately it seems there is no way of changing resolution or scale. But what resolution or scale should I go for if I did find a way to change it?

Same problem with my big 65’’ 4K Samsung screen with the desktop app, in 1.7 and 1.8 version. Very strange, given the high monitor resolution. I think it’s time to fix it!

That says its running a variant of Android 8 on the tech spec shown on Amazon. Under settings, there maybe a Display size. On this screen, drag the slider to left to shrink the display size or the right to enlarge it. Try dragging it down a little at a time and then test.

Is it a windows desktop connected to the TV? Then you can use scaling, set it to 100%. Or, you can do what I do and set my PC to run in 1024 by 1080 mode on my 4k 55" TV. Works like a champ and easy to read from across the room.

Yes, i use tv as screen of a mini pc via hdmi cable. Thanks for your suggestion, i will try :wink:

… ah, finally found it (stupid dutch translation in this tablet seems to made for 5 year olds, not grown-ups) and guess what: sliding it to the left did the trick. So everything fine again, actually better than before, thanks so much!

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