2FA for login community & Roonlabs account

I’m using roon arc under vpn with wireguard. It works well and it’s more safe

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What are you really worried about here? I guess someone could delete your local files, wouldn’t that be the worst case? You do all have a backup don’t you?

Other than that someone could use up your internal bandwidth I guess but is that a real problem and would you not pick up on it pretty quickly.

Unless there is anything worse than this then I don’t think I would bother with this hassle of 2FA. A strong password seems sufficient.

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That’s your prerogative, but how are you even reading this if no ports are open? Security is always a balance between utility and risk.

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I don’t think my post called for your sarcastic response. I am well aware of the balance between utility and risk. This is a brand new implementation and as such represents a security risk, as does opening any port to the outside world. Try opening up your NAS to the outside, and get ready for the port scans and access attempts. There are plenty of people here that understand network security and can implement the appropriate measures to minimise an attack surface. There are also plenty of people here who do not……

Well, locking stuff down is only a solution if you don’t want to use it… that was my point, but its off topic.

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