2nd hand NUC keeps asking for login credentials (windows 11)

This of course happens when I need to install the codecs. I can access the ROCK interface no problem. Either by typing in the IP address or typing \ROCK\ in the file explorer.

However when I type //ROCK/ in file explorer it denies me access and asks for a password. I could add a screenshot but I use windows in Dutch so that won’t help anybody.

Now this is a secondhand NUC and initially it could only boot from a network. This is all disabled.

I did install a new M.2 disk but the NUC came with a 500 GB SSD that was wiped.

I have SMB enabled but the NUC doesn’t show in my network devices either.

I’m a noob and it’s driving me nuts.

Any help will be appreciated.

This might help (look in the Trouble shooting section of the link):

You might also check your firewall to make sure that Roon.exe and RAATserver.exe are in there as exceptions. But if Roon is “seeing” the Rock core I would assume this is already there??

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I followed the instructions but it keeps asking me for credentials. Odd thing is I can access it from my phone without any problems. Right now I trying to find a way to install de codecs through my (Android) phone. Though installing the codecs with my phone will eventually work with any persistency on my part, it still will not show up as a network drive in windows. But maybe that’s not needed. The Roon App is trying to connect but I get a black screen after connecting, that’s probably because it can’t find codecs.

Thanks for going through the trouble of finding me good instructions but alas my PC won’t have it

Did you try user guest and password guest?

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I did but that did work either. However I did get the Codecs installed and in fact Roon is playing music as I type!

I will type out how I did it as it might help someone else.

I downloaded the codecs and unzipped it twice as instructed. I
Then I saved the files in a folder I could easily find.
Restarted Onedrive
Downloaded “Network Browser” for Android
Network browser had no problems fining the ROCK nuc
Selected the Codec folder on the Phone with Network browser
The choose the 3 dots in Network browser and choose “upload file here”
Select the file in Onedrive and the transfer will start automatically.

After this it worked for me.


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