3.8.19 update only adds support for a single live streaming event

For anyone curious what the latest 3.8.19 patch does : https://nadelectronics.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/BluOS_ReleaseNotes_3.8.19_Public.pdf

So basically it adds support for the live streaming of a Jazz event on the 23rd of august. That’s it.

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Thanks for that. Looks like I can give that a miss!

Thanks. They have the resources to support and push out a single live streaming event but they are silent on ensuring full compatibility to Roon. Pathetic, disappointing and an affront to their customers.

Ouch! Thankfully, I am not suffering from the same issues. I am streaming from Roon to my BluOs 2.1 MDC card in my C388 without issues.