30 ft USB cable affect quality of sound

Newbie here. Apologize if this is previously posted. I’m connections my Mac to USB port on Hegel Röst which requires a 30 ft cable. Will sound quality or timing be affected due to length? Do I need to go with microRendu box instead? Thanks in advance.

A cursory search suggest it may, cable quality etc aside.
“According to USB.org, USB operating specifications limit the maximum length of the cable to 5 meters for full speed devices and 3 meters for any low speed devices. 5 meters is around 16 feet 5 inches, and 3 meters is around 9 feet 10 inches.”

I’ve used something like this for data.

Not guaranteeing anything for audio, but if you have trouble it’s cheap enough to try as a test.

Ethernet networking will be better than long runs of USB, although you don’t necessarily need an mR.

Something like an Rpi or something from Allo.com is more than acceptable, IMO.

The maximum length of a passive USB cable is around 3 metres. As @xxx says, you could use an active cable.

However, you may be served better by running a network cable to the Röst and using a bridging device, e.g. Raspberry Pi 4.

PS. You never know but the Röst may be Roon Ready in the future.

You can use an optical usb cable for this distance:

This one is from Lindy. There are other vendors, Corning, i.e.

This optical USB cables are not cheap at all. Maybe it is worth to consider a network connection.

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What a great forum! Comments are really helpful. Will continue to monitor as I imerse myeself in the world of Roon.

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FWIW I’m almost certain that this won’t happen - the Röst runs a different, older software platform to the newer H190/390/590. As I understand it this precludes the much promised Roon Ready status of these later models.

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Is there a possible way to get Roon working with a Rost by using microRendu interface? Would love some input on this possibility.

I would check with Sonore re compatibility but if it was me I wouldn’t bother with the hassle of USB on the Rost - it introduces complexity without any obvious benefit and, I believe, is limited to 24/96. Just get an Allo Digione or similar.

Second that. The Allo DigiOne is a very good Roon Bridge.

Third the RPi , also Digione, Roipeee is a simple build and JUST works

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